This App For Android Keeps Your Device Online Without Wi-Fi, 3G Or 4G LTE Connectivity

We’re so heavily reliant on our smartphones nowadays when out-and-about, that when we’re stuck somewhere with limited or no connectivity, it’s almost as if the rug has been pulled from beneath us. Often, though, when in poor network coverage areas without Wi-Fi, our devices can still manage to muster an SMS message, and this is precisely how Be-Bound for Android helps you stay somewhat connected when in a low signal area. By using text messages as a way of transferring small amounts of data, you’re still able to perform menial tasks such as checking email, and if you’re heavily reliant on your handset for work, this app could help make your day run just that little bit more smoothly.

You can only check your mail, view the weather forecast and such using the Be-Bound app, but beggars certainly can’t be choosers, and if you’re stuck in a place where your Gmail app simply refuses to refresh due to the poor-to-non-existent coverage, Be-Bound could be your best bet.

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The app does work when a connection is present, and with a neat little user interface, it’s certainly something you may even consult when you’re not stuck out in the wilderness. What’s more, if you happen to be on a carrier that charges ludicrous amounts for data usage and don’t want to run the risk of a sky-high bill at the end of the month, you could find that, at least for light usage, Be-Bound does the job for you.

Be-Bound app

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Accessing Be-Bound’s information does cost money, though. The app uses it’s own "Be-Miles" currency, for which eighty will set you back £4.68, or $7.50 in the United States. Nevertheless, it’s a useful backup to have just in the armory just in case you find yourself stranded and in desperate need of info, and with network coverage improving and expanding all the time (albeit somewhat slowly), it shouldn’t be too long before the services of apps like Be-Bound are deemed surplus to requirements.

(Download Be-Bound for Android on Google Play)

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