Official Google Glass Accessories Now Available To Purchase For Those Enrolled In Explorer Program

Google Glass has almost become old news at this point, and will possibly remain that way until the device either gets a major redesign or becomes available to the public. Google did offer a minor redesign of the Glass hardware very recently, dubbed as Google Glass v2, but it managed to fall considerably short of where we had all hoped it would go. Prescription lenses are all well and good Google, but if you still look like you’re walking around with a tube of candy stuck to your ear, the game’s up.

Still, undeterred from Glass’s muted press of late, Google has now made some accessories available for its Explorers to purchase. Bought directly from Google and accessibly via the same web interface used to configure their Glass, Explorers can now stump up for replacement earbuds, shields, pouches and charging cables should they so wish. They’re not cheap, but if you’re walking around in a $1,500 pair of electronic spectacles, we’re going to go ahead and assume you can afford the $50 for a new charger.

Google Glass 2 (2)

Currently available to order (or not, if it’s out of stock!) is:

  • Extra Mono Earbud: $50
  • Clear Shield: $75
  • Extra Cable and Charger: $50
  • Extra Pouch: $50

According  to the support material that goes with the shields, Google has “partnered with Maui Jim and Zeal Optics to include a sunglass shade with every new Glass.” Which is nice.

Google’s biggest addition to the latest iteration of Glass is the ability to use prescription lenses, which is possibly the most requested change to date. Even with this latest development though, Google is not expected to make Glass available to those of us outside its early adopting Explorer Program until late next year, by which time it’s quite possible we’ll all have lost interest completely.

Google Glass accessories

It would be interesting to see how such developments unfold when Glass ultimately lands in the hands of the consumer. Will it lose traction by then? Or will it be overshadowed by something new? Only time can answer these rather mysterious questions.

We’ll probably still want one though!

(Source: GoogleGlass)

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