This Accessory Turns Your iPad 2 Into MacBook Air [VIDEO]

Not quite sold on the iPad’s on-screen keyboard yet? Wish you could use your iPad just like a plain old 10-inch netbook? Thanks to this very elaborate external Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll now be able to.

External Bluetooth Keyboard

Right off the bat, it’s important to note that Apple does offer an external Bluetooth keyboard that allows for faster typing, but it doesn’t offer the same convenience as this one. Imagine just taking your physical keyboard, latching it onto your iPad, and essentially ending up with an iOS-powered netbook in your hands.

This external keyboard was clearly thought out from the start, since the attention to detail in this product is close to the one you’d find on an actual Apple product. As you might have already noticed, the keyboard’s design is incredibly similar to the one on Apple’s MacBook Pro, only a lot more compact.

Functionality-wise, this product also takes steps to make the iPad feel more like a notebook. For instance, closing the lid (or rather, sliding the iPad down towards the keys) will automatically lock it, while sliding it back up will automatically power it on. It even appears to skip the Lock Screen, which is nothing short of logical.

More interestingly, this physical keyboard includes function keys for the iPad’s most prominent features, as well as other important controls. Brightness and audio, for example, can be adjusted by pressing their designated keys, much like on a Mac computer. There are other shortcut keys to display the Home Screen or perform a Spotlight search, among others.

iPad External Keyboard

Setting up this product is just as easy as configuring any other external Bluetooth keyboard. After pressing both the On and Connection buttons, placed on the front frame below the keys, head over to Settings on your iPad and navigate to General > Bluetooth. If you’ve done everything right, your keyboard should be pairable. The device’s battery life should last “several weeks”, according to the makers, therefore work using this should be fairly uninterrupted.

Even most of those who may like the on-screen keyboard recognize that it’s not the best solution to write long-essays, causing hand strain and a lot of discomfort. If you’re looking for a better solution, why not give this external keyboard a try? For $49 (shipping charges separate), it seems like a good deal doesn’t it?

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(via M.I.C. Gadget) (Thanks to Chris Chang for sending this in!)

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