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Remember back in 1999 when Sony released the bizarre looking PocketStation accessory to accompany the original PlayStation? The creative little device featured an LCD display and was intended to be a combination based product that offered storage and personal digital assistant based functionality. The device never actually managed to see the light of day in the United States or Europe, partly because Sony used all available stock to satisfy demand in Japan and partly because it was killed off after three years. It seems that the PocketStation memory lives on not only in the thoughts of Sony but also in a second-generation form as a native app for Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld.

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Do you remember the Sony PocketSation? Nope? Well it has been 14 years since it was announced and 11 years since it was laid to rest by the Japanese company so we won’t judge you for not keeping it in your thoughts. The unfortunate looking Sony device was an original PlayStation accessory that was sold as a combination of a Memory Card and a personal digital assistant. It came with an LCD display, infra-red connectivity and even a clock. We haven’t had to apportion any of our thoughts to the PocketStation for over a decade, but a very bizarre Sony teaser could suggest that the company is planning a revival for the device in time for the PlayStation 4 arrival.

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