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Griffin has announced a new USB-C cable plus adapter called BreakSafe which brings MagSafe to Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. Here are the details.

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A new Kickstarter project aims to take the advantages of the MagSafe charger and bring it to Lightning and micro-USB devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android Samsung Galaxy lineup.

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The headlines and reports that have been circulating through various media outlets in the last few months regarding the next-generation iPhone have been enough to make even the most hardcore Apple fan end up in a state of confusion. There’s no doubt about the fact that we are all pretty excited about what Apple is about to bring to the table, but the anticipation and waiting game that is associated with a Cupertino based release always manages to get our inquisitive minds ticking over. The clock is ticking on the countdown until September 12th, but just what should we expect from the new iPhone?

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