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With the announcement of the iPhone 5s last month, the feature many were talking about was the new gold color configuration on offer. Naturally, some held out hope that the iPad range would follow suit, but while both the Retina iPad mini and iPad Air both got such niceties as the A7 processor and M7 motion coprocessor, the lovely goldness seems to have been reserved for the company’s flagship smartphone at this point in time.

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While the new iPad has borrowed many of its traits from the the iPhone 5s, the much talked-about Gold and White color configuration remains a treat reserved – at least for the time being – for the Cupertino’s flagship smartphone. Many have even surprised themselves with how taken they are with the new Gold iPhone 5s, but as we continue to hope that Apple will oblige with a gold iPad at some point in the near future, you can already have yourself one from Goldgenie. It will, however, cost an arm and a leg, with prices starting at $1,871 for a 16GB iPad Air. Still undeterred? Read on for more information.

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Top of the list of places to stay, the only 7-Star hotel in the world, Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, is possibly the most luxurious hotel on the face of the planet. It should be, too, considering the $1,500 starting price for a double room. If you are lucky enough to be able to count yourself amongst the few people that can afford to frequent the place though, you’ll be greeted with your very own iPad to use during your stay. Not just any iPad though. Oh no.

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