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The Angry Birds franchise continues to march on, and following a plethora of titles so far, Angry Birds Go has just hit the App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World and, yes, even the Windows Phone Store. It’s rare to see an app or game of any description release simultaneously for these three major ecosystems, but whatever your poison, you can now enjoy some enthralling go-kart action from the loveable characters of Angry Birds Go!

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Angry Birds Go! for iPhone and iPad is now available to download. Angry Birds franchise has continued to march on, and with a movie deal already done and due for release in the coming years, Angry Birds Go! has just launched for Apple’s mobile platform.

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Even though playing Angry Birds is seen almost as a rite of passage for all new smartphone users, maker Rovio’s presence in the world of entertainment now spans a far greater playing field than that very simple, addictive original title. Numerous spin-offs have ensued, and with products ranging from plush toys to phone cases and an Angry Birds movie in the pipeline, the Finnish outfit is easily among the most successful developers in mobile space. Today, the company has announced Angry Birds Go!, a racing game bringing Mario Kart-like fare to those annoyingly endearing little creatures. It will launch on December 11th, and we’ve got all of the details for your after the break!

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