Surface Pro Overview Video Reminds Us Of How Powerful The Device Is

With the Surface Pro almost upon us, Microsoft has naturally offered consumers a subtle nudge as to why the tablet + ultrabook is the right device for them. Since consumers and commentators have doubted the Surface RT’s credentials as a true PC (for obvious reasons), the Redmond company has felt inclined to remind the market of the Surface Pro’s PC prowess. While the RT has come under fire for not running legacy apps, lacking power, and generally failing in many of the key areas one would expect a PC to deliver, the Surface Pro is a different animal. And boy, do Steve Ballmer and Co. want to emphasize that point.

Set to arrive on February 9th, the Surface Pro tablet is every bit a PC, and if you were ever under any illusions, check out the promotional clip after the jump!

Surface pro overview

"Sleek, light, and durable meets powerful PC," is the takeaway quotation, and although companies tend to try a multitude of strategies in order to market a new product, it is vitally important to Microsoft that consumers genuinely believe the Surface Pro is a worthy replacement for a laptop, notebook, ultrabook or tablet.

Surface Pro

The Surface RT features the fold-out keyboards, and effortlessly looks the part, but with its ARM processor, it has never really been taken seriously. Those looking for the all-round, genuinely-powerful experience will have been waiting patiently for the Surface Pro to release, and with its Intel Ivy Bridge processor, it cannot come soon enough for some.

The video also touches on the 1080p display, which, in offering 209 ppi, is certainly sharp, and although it’s perhaps not the Surface Pro’s flagship feature, the device is, on the whole, a very worthy competitor to any tablet or ultrabook on the market.

Of course, the real testament to the legitimacy of the Surface Pro (and perhaps, other similar devices), will be in the amount of units it manages to shift. The sales figures of the RT model left a lot to be desired, but with Microsoft’s ardent evangelists having waited for this belated release, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s first real push on the modern tablet market will amount to any significant reward.

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