Samsung’s ‘iSheep’ Clip Mocking Apple Fans Voted Best Tech Ad Of The Year 2012 [VIDEO]

Apple and Samsung are two great rivals in the world of modern technology, and it’s only natural that when one of them brings a shiny new smartphone to the table, the other won’t want you to have it. Samsung made its feelings known on the release of the iPhone 5 back in September by compiling the ‘iSheep’ (The Next Best Thing is Already Here) ad, a reference to those Apple evangelists that queue for hours to grab the next Cupertino iDevice. As well as poking fun at some of the iPhone’s features, on-looking spectators were left fascinated instead by the S III, as its perceived superiority was showcased amid an awestruck ensemble of would-be iPhone buyers. Today, that ad has been named as the top tech ad of 2012.

In the real world, anxious Apple fans waiting in all weathers for their new iPhone aren’t going to be swayed by anybody, although having seen some video clips – particularly this one from the Jimmy Kimmel show – I would bet many of those queuing for hours on end for the new iPhone would not have briefed themselves on exactly what they were signing up for. Pranks like the one pulled on the Jimmy Kimmel Show suggest just add leverage to the claims of Windows Phone and Android fans the world over, and in this case, serve to make an already rather amusing ad just that tad bit funnier.

iPhone 5 Galaxy S III

The confirmation of the video’s popularity arrives courtesy of video tracker Visible Measures, and having yielded a total of 71.8 million views this year, it raked in almost four times as many views as Apple’s most-watched iPhone 5 ad. Despite losing out in the most recent high-profile patent battle with its bitter nemesis, Samsung is looking stronger than ever, and as well as manufacturing the most popular smartphone on the most widely-used mobile platform, its marketing team can celebrate this little victory to round off a terrific 2012 for the LCD specialist.

To pay homage to the clip / refresh the memories of those of you that missed it the first time around, here is that iSheep targeted The Next Best Thing Is Already Here – Samsung Galaxy S III ad, which dropped contemporaneously with the release period of the iPhone 5.

It’s not the only good ad Samsung has churned out this year, and although the iPhone is the most popular handset at present, the South Korean company is certainly winning the spin-war.

(source: AllThingsD)

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