Get iOS Style Notifications On Android Lock Screen With LockerPro

What we use our smartphones for the most is, unarguably, communication. There can be various forms of communication – cellular, short messages, IM, social networking, email and whatnot – but the fact remains that the basic usage of any smartphone device stays the ability to connect to the world and communicate. It’s also a no-brainer that you don’t keep glued to your phone twenty-four hours a day, which is why these devices continue to operate and send and receive communication for us even when they’re not being actively put to use. For those times when we were not actually looking at the screen (heck, we didn’t even hold the phone in our hands; it was in the pocket), we have notifications – ringtone alerts, vibrations patterns, LED lights – but there’ll always be a notification.

Now, the way notifications work most of the time, is that they require you to turn on and unlock your device. In an earlier post, I talked about getting LED notifications on any Android phone because they were a great way to find out if something worthy of your attention has taken place without activating the phone itself. Today, we present to you an application that puts most important notification content on your Android’s lock screen. Meet LockerPro Lockscreen Lite, a free app in the Google Play Store that puts notifications from various apps on your Android smartphone’s screen, ensuring that you’re apprised of the latest happenings before you unlock the device itself. To make things more clear, LockerPro Lockscreen presents notifications in the same manner how iOS’ Notification Center does, making sure that your alerts don’t pass by unnoticed.


The application is essentially a lock screen replacement for Android, and supports all devices running Android 4.0 or above. Before you can put it to use, you’ll want to enable it as a service in Android’s accessibility settings. Also, the service will have to be configured, in that at the first run, you’ll have to decide which apps you want showing their notifications on the lock screen. Another limitation here is that the target should be able to display status bar notifications, or it won’t work with LockerPro.


It’s fairly easy to set up, too, and doesn’t take over Status Bar notifications, either. So, if you mistakenly dismiss a notification without unlocking the device, you can rest assured that the actual one will remain present in the notification bar. Concerned about privacy? LockerPro just displays the notification and not the content within, so you’re safe there, too.


There’s a deep level of control and customization available for both the notifications that are shown, and the style of the lock screen itself. However, for most part, these are available only in the paid version of the app (available for $2.49 in the Play Store), and the free version just lets you get the basic job done.

Overall, LockerPro Lockscreen Lite is a great app that implements notifications really elegantly, and works without much complications. If you’ve been yearning to get iOS style notifications on your Android device for a long time then this is your perfect chance. Try it out at the source link below.

(Source: LockerPro Lockscreen Lite for Android on Play Store)

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