Samsung Galaxy S8 Durability Shown Off In Bend And Scratch Test [Video]

Samsung Galaxy S8 durability gets tested in new bend and scratch test video. So, will Galaxy S8 bend or scratch when put in extreme conditions? Lets find out.

When you receive a brand new smartphone, one of the first questions that into your head is probably whether you should buy a case for it or not. For some people though, the thought process is slightly different with them instead wondering what they can do to destroy their new pride and joy as quickly as possible.

Thankfully they do it in the name of science, and it gives us a better understanding of how well a new flagship device will live up to the stresses of life. These people are doing it or us, or at least so they will say.

We are of course talking about those who get a brand new smartphone and then put it through a vigorous suite of tests to see how well, or not, it stands up to all manner of mishaps. One such video, courtesy of YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, shows a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 being put through its paces in order to see how durable it is when put up against all kinds of stresses.

Those tests include scratching it, burning it and even bending it to see how well it holds up. The video runs for over eight minutes and be warned, it is not for those with weak constitutions. Especially those who are waiting for their own Galaxy S8 handsets to arrive!

The outcome of the whole video is that yes, the Galaxy S8 can be pretty much destroyed if maltreat, which should not come as any surprise to anyone. As with all high end electronics, we urge you to look after your kit and if you think you may be a little more clumsy than your average bear then picking up a case probably isn’t the worst idea you will ever have.

We’re not so sure how far up that ladder sitting through all eight minutes of this video ranks, though.

source: (JerryRigEverything [YouTube])

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