Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime With Aluminum Body Pops Up In Leaked Video

We already know that Samsung isn’t averse to launching multiple versions of the same phone, whether the differences be screen sizes, shock or water resistance or horsepower, but the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime still has us interested. What appears to be a Galaxy S5 on steroids, the unannounced product has been gathering some traction in the leak stakes of late, and now one appears to have popped up on YouTube.

Coming via YouTuber TK Tech News, the video appears to show a gold Galaxy S5-like device that it is claimed is a pre-production version of the Galaxy S5 Prime. The guy holding the device remarks that the screen is sharper than anything else out there, fitting in with the existing rumor that the Galaxy S5 Prime will feature a mind-boggling 2K screen while still being the same physical size as the existing S5 model. The video also gives us a good look at an interesting feature, with what appears to be a larger seal suggesting improved water resistance. Is it possible that this is an S5 Active rather than the Prime? At this point we just don’t know, but it’s worth remembering that if this is indeed a pre-prod unit, these things are very likely to change before a shipping product is released.


One thing we really hope doesn’t change is the inclusion of a metallic rear panel. Apparently made from aluminum, the more premium panel is of the gold variety in the video, though we would obviously expect white and black to also be available when and if a Galaxy S5 Prime does become a reality.

At this point we’re really just left piecing together all the little tidbits of information that are out there, but this new video certainly offers the most concrete look at the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime that we’ve had to date. Whether the final product exists at all still remains to be seen, and if it does, we still don’t know whether it will look like this leak or not. Time will tell in both cases, but we’re becoming increasingly hopeful with each new leak.

Fingers and ties crossed that we don’t end up disappointed.

(via: PocketNow)

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