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Samsung has just taken the wraps off a brand new variant of the Galaxy S5, which includes beefed up internal specs, along with a feature which many die-hard Samsung fans have been waiting for: a QHD 2K display.

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Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress was met with disappointment by some, and although the response since the release – in terms of both sales and acclaim – has put any early doubts from the naysayers well and truly to bed, this hasn’t prevented reports from pointing to a bigger, badder, “Prime” follow-up. Indeed, with the LG G3 having offered quite a heavy spec.-set, it is thought that both Samsung and HTC will be going Prime on us, and with the Samsung Galaxy F said to be announcing in the near future, a press render offers an apparent taster of the device in all of its glory.

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We already know that Samsung isn’t averse to launching multiple versions of the same phone, whether the differences be screen sizes, shock or water resistance or horsepower, but the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime still has us interested. What appears to be a Galaxy S5 on steroids, the unannounced product has been gathering some traction in the leak stakes of late, and now one appears to have popped up on YouTube.

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