Remove Comments, Ads, & Other Clutter From YouTube And Amazon To Enjoy A Cleaner Browsing Experience With ‘A Cleaner Internet’ Extension

Do you ever visit YouTube with the aim of checking one video out, and subsequently spend hours trawling through related videos, and related videos of related videos? It’s almost unavoidable. After all, whether you’re looking for entertainment or information, what’s to say the next video won’t be as useful as the current?

YouTube is not the only culprit though, other sites such as Amazon are completely covered with information which entices you to spend more money on their site. For those who like to cut to the chase, though, that isn’t quite acceptable

Two such people are development/designing duo Joseph Tate and Sean Vaughan (@josephtate and @dharmabruce), both of whom are on an apparent crusade to tidy up the internet piece by piece. Currently, their extension only supports YouTube and Amazon, but it amazing how much of a clean-up it achieves. It only leaves you the options you actually need, and essentially chops out the crap. Here is a screenie of it in action on (before and after):



Plain? Yes. Boring? Maybe. But for me, that looks clean, and spam-free.The effects of the A Cleaner Internet browser extension can be quite easily reversed with the show/hide button, or you can disable it altogether by unchecking the box situated on the top bar.

A cleaner internet is a better internet, and it will be interesting to see how much will be covered. Not naming any names, but there are a whole host of sites *cough* eBay *cough* which are certainly overloaded with pointless, often irrelevant content and could well do with a little (very late) spring cleaning.

Download A Cleaner Internet Extension from the following links:

The extension is compatible with both Windows and Mac, although the above browsers are currently the only ones supported.

What do you guys think, do you like that cleaner – if slightly blander – look on the webpages you visit, or do you like the masses of additional content beset upon you? Feel free to leave your thoughts – as ever – on our Facebook fanpage.

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