Ticno Multibar Brings Interactive Apps Dock To Windows 7 – Download Now!

Desktops can be incredibly difficult to keep organized and tidy. Making relevant folders and keeping everything clutter-free is not always easy when trying to complete a thousand tasks per second.

People deal with all the mess and clutter in different ways. Some just choose to wave the white flag and leave it, or some, like me, just drag all shortcuts, files and folders into one folder, label it "to be sorted" or "needs organizing" and never actually get round to it.

Windows, for all its good points (excluding Vista, which has none), doesn’t make it particularly easy to put things away once you’ve finished playing with them, but a fairly new app called Ticno Multibar is on a mission to eradicate that.

On first sight – yes – it does have a slight air of OS X about it. The bar can be placed along any of the four edges of your screen, and is accessible via a translucent, omni-present tab. On the bar you can place / remove any application you want, and hovering over them presents additional info. For example, if you hang your cursor over weather, you get a five-day forecast, while doing the same to your browser will allow you to access – and favorite – specific windows and downloaded files.

The app itself is smart, and learns what you like – adjusting behavior accordingly. The Windows Explorer icon will, by default, shortlist the folders you most frequently access, saving you time and, if you’re the disorganized type, yet another tedious search.

Perhaps the best feature of Ticno is that you can quickly search Wiki, YouTube, as well as a normal browser search right from your desktop:

It is fairly sleek and there are a number of skins available to suit your taste. More importantly, it is free, although it will try and woo you with premium content which brings further widgets including Photo, media player, planner, and the rather counter-productive Tetricolor logic game. In addition, you can purchase games for your PC from the quite extensive catalogue which is growing all the time.

Download Ticno Multibar now from the official website of the development team. As we’ve said, it’s free and not cluttered with adware – so what do you have to lose except the burden of a cluttered desktop?

(via LifeHacker)

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