PUBG Mobile Crashing On iPhone 5s? You’re Not Alone

Are you an avid mobile gamer with a penchant for getting involved with and playing the latest globally successful games? If so, then you are probably already heavily invested in Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile.

However, if you are running the English version of the title, and have one of Apple’s iPhone 5s smartphones, then you’re likely one of a large group of gamers experiencing crashing issues.

It’s no real secret that PUBG Mobile has arrived on the Play Store and App Store. Every man, woman, and their dog appears to be falling over themselves in order to download the title and thrust themselves in the massive battle royale type gaming world in order to see if they can reign victorious as the last individual standing.

However, for iPhone 5s owners who have downloaded the English version of the game via the App Store, there appears to be a random and sporadic crashing issue which is rendering those gamers unable to reliably access and interact with the game.

It’s been discovered that the English version of the title, which currently sits at version 0.3.2, has this known crashing issue which has actually been addressed with the current live version on the Chinese App Store, which is version 0.4.0. Those who have downloaded that version, either legitimately, or through a non-official source, aren’t actually having the problem, which is, of course, no real consolation to those who continue to experience the crash.

However, it should bring some solace that the problem has been identified, fixed with the version 0.4.0 release and that it should be coming soon to the English version when it is updated.

For now, it seems that those individuals experiencing the crash can either persevere with the problem in the hope that an updated version of the English title is coming soon to the App Store, or sacrifice the game in their mother tongue in order to download the Chinese version which sits at version 0.4.0 and doesn’t have the annoying crashing issue.

Neither of those options is particularly wonderful and perfect examples of a solution but they are, unfortunately, the best available routes at the moment until the publishers release an official English version update.

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