PlayStation 4 Features Cooler Smartphone Integration Than We Originally Thought

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most sought-after gadgets of the year. In fact, alongside the Xbox One, it’s one of the most eagerly anticipated machines to have released in the past five years, and while we already knew a great deal about the console thanks to numerous insights from Sony, we’re still now only learning about some of the new features.

We already know of the PS4’s smartphone integration, but we certainly yet fully versed with the ins and outs of how everything will work upon release. This was confirmed earlier on today on Twitter by a rather nonchalant reply to a gaming fan from Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, which revealed that when a game is downloaded via a user’s handset, the PlayStation 4 will automatically fire itself up, download the game, and drift back off to sleep again. Awesome? We certainly think so.


Microsoft has its own integration with SmartGlass, but of what we’ve seen and heard about so far, this feature from Sony has to be one of the best and most useful features as our consoles join forces with what has become – more so than since the last round of console releases – our most treasured gadget.

If, for example, you’re on a train, half an hour away from home, and happen to read of a new game’s release online, you could start the download there and then. By the time you get home, the game would be ready to play even if your console was asleep when you left initially.


As we draw ever closer to November 15th, the PS4 release date, I’m sure we’ll continue to learn new and exciting tidbits about the PlayStation 4. There’s still no precise word on when its fiercest rival, the Xbox One, will rear its head, but as both Sony and Microsoft continue the battle of oneupmanship, one wouldn’t be too shocked or surprised if the Redmond company tried to outfox its competitor by dropping in marginally earlier. In fact, my money’s on Microsoft doing what it did last time around with the 360, and hitting the market first.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll catch all of the best console news and info right here at Redmond Pie, so stay tuned!

(Source: Twitter [Shuhei Yoshida])

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