This App Lets You Push Files Between Your Mac And iPhone In A Breeze

iOS and OS X are becoming more and more similar with every new version. OS X received a generous dose of “iOS-ification” last year with Mountain Lion, which saw a plethora of mobile features, such as Reminders, iMessage and Notification Center, make their way to the desktop. And seeing as iOS is still very much OS X’s apprentice, apps like Safari are modeled on the main versions built for the Mac range. But while these two ecosystems are slowly becoming as one, communication between the two is still very much a strained affair. However, DeskConnect, a new app for iOS, helps make the sharing of information between the two as effortless as possible, and if you’re looking for something to draw your two favorite gadgets even closer together, it’s well worth a look.

The app lets you easily move your favorite documents, images, Web pages, and other such content from one to the other, and once you’ve gone through the set-up process, both your iPhone and Mac will operate almost like extensions of one another.


The app, from the OS X side, is little more than a menu bar on your desktop, and with a simple click (or by setting a keyboard shortcut), you can send information right to your device. Unlike many file transfer apps, which offer you bog-standard drag-and-drop, DeskConnect seems to have a basic grasp of why you’re transferring something, and acts accordingly. If, for example, you send a website over to your iPhone, it will automatically open a webpage, and if you’re not a fan of the default Safari (a dying breed, it has to be said), then you can readily use DeskConnect to initiate Chrome, Dolphin, or whichever other browsers you care to use.


The theme of not forcing the user to roll with stock apps works for sending files to the Mac as well. If you wish to transfer a video from your iPhone to your MacBook, for example, you can do so from any app you have on your home screen, not just the native Photos and Videos apps.

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The interface, while not overwhelming, is neat, tidy and minimalistic, so if you’re looking for a simple, seamless way to send files between iPhone and Mac, it’s worth checking out. Point your browser to: for more information.

Oh, and it’s free of charge!

(Download: DeskConnect for iPhone on the App Store)

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