Planning To Buy iPhone 7? Here’s Where To Sell iPhone 6s Or Earlier For Best Value [Guide]

If you are looking to sell your old iPhone 6s or earlier to buy the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, here’s a guide on a few different ways that you can do so for greater financial gain.

If you liked everything that you read about the iPhone 7 prior to the official announcement, are still planning on getting one now that Apple has made the device official, and are a current owner of an iPhone 6s or earlier, then you’re really going to need to find a way to make your old device work for you. After all, if you want to grab Apple’s latest and greatest hardware, then it makes perfect sense to try and capitalize on what you already have to take the damage off that purchase.


For the lucky few who can afford to be sentimental, upgrading to a new iPhone simply means going out, parting with the necessary money, and walking out of the shop with the unlocked device in a box. That purchase would also involve keeping the old hardware to add to a growing collection of historical devices. Unfortunately, for most of us, given the continuous twelve-month iPhone release cycle, it becomes necessary to try and benefit financially through secondary channels for our old hardware in order to fund the new device.

If you are indeed looking to part with your old device, then rest assured there are a number of different ways that you can do so for financial gain that can then be instantly handed over to Apple for a shiny new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. You’re even more in luck if the device has been well looked after and is in good condition.


We’ve all heard of Amazon, and most of us trust the huge online retailer. If you’re willing to make your new iPhone 7 purchase on Amazon, and accept Amazon gift vouchers for the older hardware, then you’re likely to receive a higher value from the company than you would from others.


Once upon a time, eBay was probably the best place to list your older items. No matter what you had, there was always someone somewhere who would pay you top dollar for it. Unfortunately, eBay isn’t what it once was, meaning that you certainly won’t get the best price here, and will likely have to put up with a lot of fake buyers and fees, but it’s always an option that gets your device in front of a lot of potential bidders.


Apple is very nice for the fact that it will happily take your old iPhone off your hands and give you money off a new one should you wish to upgrade. It’s part of the company’s trade-in program, and is actually only available in specific countries, but it’s definitely an option to consider.


Craigslist is an interesting proposition. If you are comfortable with listing something for the local area to see, and then going through with a face-to-face meeting in a dimly lit car parking or alleyway somewhere to swap cash for the older iPhone, then there’s definitely good deals to be had on Craigslist. Success can fluctuate massively, meaning it’s often better to stick to more reliable channels.

We wish you all the luck in the world in pursuit of the iPhone 7, and hope you get the best possible deal for your existing hardware.


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