Photoshop For iPad Releasing End Of Year But With Some Features Missing

Adobe announced Photoshop for iPad a year ago now, and we’re still waiting for it to put in an appearance. That’s set to happen before the end of 2019, and now Bloomberg has a report backing that up. However, it isn’t all good news.

According to the report, Adobe has again confirmed that the app will be ready for iPad users before the end of this year.

That’s great news, and Bloomberg says that there is a small team of people currently running the app in beta form to make sure that all of the kinks and bugs are worked out. But that team of people also offers up cause for concern, too.

Unnamed for obvious reasons, some of those testers have said that there are some missing features right now, despite Adobe calling this the “real” Photoshop on many occasions.

Despite that, Adobe has also now said that there will be some features missing when the app goes live for the first time. But that there will be updates coming in the future that will add them in.

We don’t know when that will happen, but given the fact we’re now a year from the app being announced and they’re still missing it’s unlikely they will appear soon after its launch. This despite the fact that both the iPad and Mac versions of Photoshop supposedly share the same code base beneath the surface.

All eyes will be on Adobe and the App Store to see just what we will get to play with, and when.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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