More Alleged iPhone 5 Parts Surface [PHOTO]

With Apple seemingly unlikely to release a new iPad any time soon, all focus is now on the upcoming iPhone. While we’ve heard nothing official from Cupertino, it is safe to say that the new iPhone 5 will make an appearance very soon to compliment iOS 5.

There have been many leaks of purported iPhone 5 sightings, parts, cases and rumors over the last, well, pretty much since the release of the iPhone 4. Our latest chapter in the iPhone 5 saga comes courtesy of TrueSupplier, which is already selling what it claims to be genuine iPhone 5 parts.


The above image demonstrates the headphone jack, which as you can see comes in black AND white – indicating that we may get the alternate colors at release. Certainly a refreshing thought given rather than the shambolic state of affairs which occurred with the “will they or won’t they?” release of the white iPhone 4 nearly a year behind schedule.

Also added to the fray is a replacement camera, but there are no details given and thus we don’t yet know the degree of improvement from Apple. With the iPhone 4 being the world’s favourite camera (well, at least on Flickr), Apple will be keen to impress once more.

It also though that Apple will release a more entry-level iCloud iPhone or iPhone 4S along with the iPhone 5. If this is the case, Jobs and Co. will not have a difficult time keeping it under wraps as it is thought that such a device would feature most of the internal components of the iPhone 4 – which is still selling in large numbers despite many now being aware of an imminent release.

Interestingly, there has not been much said of the fate of Apple’s current flagship smartphone, but it seems as though the iPhone 4 may be pulled immediately out of circulation. I mean, the iPhone 3GS has stuck around for a long time, and continues to be sold at retail outlets brand new and boxed as the reliable understudy. It almost seems unfair that the fourth iPhone installment – being one of the finest upgrades thus far in the iPhone series – may not be needed to woo those consumers with smaller budgets come September.

One suspects that by releasing a new low-end model rather than simply reducing the price of the iPhone 4, Apple can really tailor the market for its iCloud service, which Steve Jobs seems more keen on than the actual consumers. The fruit company doesn’t want a lead-balloon MobileMe repeat, so I reckon that there will be a lot of emphasis on iCloud, if and when the two iPhones drop.

Indications suggest that Apple is more prepared for the huge demand which will be set upon it. The release of the iPhone 4 was marred by lack of sufficient production numbers which left disgruntled consumers waiting, so hopefully the same issues will not arise this time around.

(via MacRumors) (image credit TVCMall)

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