iPhone 5 Leaked Parts Shows 4-inch Display, Thinner Bezel

Two weeks ago, we published a report about some of the details of iPhone 5 leaked straight from the component suppliers of iPhone. According to the report, iPhone 5 will feature a 4 inch display. Later in that week, we presented you with a mockup of iPhone with a 4 inch display in same encasement. Quite honestly, that was one of the ugliest products Apple may ever produce and that is what led to the debate if Apple will be using the same encasement or larger.

A Chinese reseller of Apple’s parts has recently published an image of the digitizer panel of what it appears to be 5th generation iPhone’s. The part looks similar to that of iPhone 4 but with a larger cut for display to support 4 inch screen. If the leak is authentic, this may mean Apple is looking forward to fit the screen in the same encasement and your iPhones are probably going to look like this (I am not going to buy one if it does).

Reports also suggest that Apple has invested about $4B in some technological development which we are speculating to be in display technology to feature a larger screen on same encasement by getting the display to the edge of the phone. My only wish is they make it look lesser ugly than it does in the mock up.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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