Jailbreak Apple TV 4K On tvOS 13.3 With The Breakout Cable, Here’s How

You can now jailbreak Apple TV 4K with the Breakout Cable on latest tvOS 13.3 firmware version. Here are the details on it.

If you have approximately $11 to spare, access to a slew of intricate tools and accessories, and an overwhelming desire to jailbreak Apple TV 4K, then a newly available breakout cable from Gizmite Design could help you satiate that desire.

It seems that passionate jailbreakers and security researchers will go to extended lengths to satisfy their hobbies and their passion for liberating products from Apple’s walled garden.

This new product from Gizmite Design is a breakout cable that is selling for around the $11 mark and that gives access to the Apple TV 4K’s internal USB port. It also comes with a convenient externally placed button that is capable of simply and easily putting the Apple TV 4K into DFU Mode.

Of course, nothing worth having is easy, and that is exactly the same as far as this breakout cable and its usage are concerned. In order to get things up and running, you will need to have access to a number of tools and accessories, including a torx77 screwdriver to get access to the Apple TV 4K’s internals, lead-free solder, a temperature-adjustable soldering iron, and keynar wire. Everyone has that stuff just waiting around, right?

Gizmite Design is selling the product under the title “Apple TV Standard Breakout Cable” and lists it as a way to gain easy access to the Apple TV 4K USB port. We’re not so sure about the use of the word “easy” in that description but it’s certainly achievable for those who love nothing more than tinkering with their hardware and who don’t mind invalidating the warranty on the device. in pursuit of a jailbreak.

Once an individual has purchased this product, managed to get through the soldering aspect of it, and put the device into DFU Mode, checkra1n version 0.9.7 or above can be used to jailbreak the Apple TV 4K running latest tvOS 13.3 and gain access to parts of the system that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. If you are interested, then it is worth acting now before the price of the breakout package jumps up by $10 AUD next week. Head over to gizmite.com/installing-the-breakout/ for detailed instructions.

Let us know if you manage to jailbreak your Apple TV 4K and if you do anything worthwhile with it.

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