iPhone X Wired Vs Wireless Vs Fast Charging Comparison Shows The Best Way To Charge Your New Phone

There are few less interesting accessories for iPhones than chargers. Yes, we all know that getting power into our iPhones is an important thing to do, after all they don’t work if they are not charged, but really all we want is to be able to play our games, listen to our music and browser our social networks.

With the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X though, Apple made charging sexy with the addition of wireless charging. Suddenly, everyone is interested in charging.

With the addition of fast cable charging and now 7.5W fast wireless charging as well, things are suddenly much more complicated than we could ever have hoped. Apple does not include a wireless charger with any iPhone, which is to be expected, but the wired charger in the box also does a pretty poor job of charging at any reasonable speed.

If you want to charge quickly, then you’re going to want something beefier. But which charger do you need, and just how much faster will it charge your new iPhone?

The folks over at MacRumors decided to answer that question pretty emphatically, posting a lengthy piece in which many graphs are used to show the results of tests across different wired chargers of differing power rating. Wireless charging is tested, too, so if you were wondering whether the convenience of slapping your iPhone on a charging pad is worth the extra charging time required to get to 100%, this round of tests is for you.

We won’t go through all of the results but the gist is simple; wireless charging is slower, but convenient and if you want to charge as fast as is humanly possible, you’re going to want any 18W+ (29W or higher) third-party USB-C charger and one of Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cables to get the best results.

Oh, and the 5W charger Apple includes in the box? Apple should be ashamed of itself for offering such a slow charging solution as standard.

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