iPhone X Screen Repair Will Cost $279, Full Damage Repair Will Cost A Whopping $549

The outright cost for iPhone X has been enough to put some people off iPhone altogether and has forced some price-sensitive individuals to accept that iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is their destiny for the time being.

However, for those who have forked out the $999+ for iPhone X as part of the pre-order deal, or who are still planning on introducing one into their lives going forward, the publishing of Apple’s new flat-fee repair pricing structure for the device may make them either seriously re-consider that purchase, or at a minimum make them wonder if AppleCare+ is a must-have purchase for iPhone X.

The updated online document shows that a screen repair and replacement on iPhone X will run the device owner a whopping $279, and repairing other types of damage to the device, whether that be caused by an accidental drop of the phone or some kind of water issue, will cost the device owner a staggering $549. That pricing level is approximately 54% of the total cost of purchasing a brand new 64GB iPhone X, which is actually on-par with the repair costs of other Apple devices at a percentage level. However, when you take that cost away and you actually look at the amount of dollar value that you have to fork over for a repair, it looks rather staggering.

Apple, of course, wants ever iPhone or iPad owner to purchase an upgraded AppleCare+ package alongside the device. If that was in place, the cost of iPhone X screen repair would drop down to just $29, with the repair of any other damage setting the consumer back an agreeable $99. Those prices are definitely more agreeable than the $279 and $549 options quoted in Apple’s flat-fee repair pricing structure document, but there is also the $199 initial AppleCare+ purchase that needs to be taking into consideration. That puts any initial device purchase up by $199, but could definitely save money going-forward for those who are prone to breaking or smashing devices.

Of course, Apple’s protection plans aren’t the only way forward. Many people have all-inclusive bank accounts which offer comprehensive insurance for any loss, theft, or damage to property, including mobile smartphones as long as the device is registered with them. There are also third-party mobile smartphone insurance plans which offer affordable premiums, all of which are worth consideration and reviewing the pros and cons before pumping money into AppleCare+.

(source: Apple)

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