Video Shows Performance Difference On iPhone Before And After Battery Replacement

When Apple confirmed back in December of 2017 that it was indeed artificially throttling iPhones that had reached a point where their aging batteries were simply unable to keep up with the demands of everyday usage, there was plenty of noise made about it.

There are class action lawsuits being progressed right now, but unless you own an iPhone that finds itself in this situation, it’s difficult to really understand what it looks like. Just how slow are these throttled iPhones? A video posted to YouTube by Bennett Sorbo has the answer.

According to Sorbo, the video he has shared shows his iPhone 6s both before and after it underwent Apple’s $29 battery replacement process – a process which apparently took a month to complete due to a shortage of batteries.

In the video we see Sorbo put his iPhone through a variety of tests such as opening a web page, launching apps and firing up games. As you can see from the video itself, the speed difference is quite striking. The video also includes a Geekbench test in which the throttled iPhone 6s scored a 2,485 in multi-core testing, while the same test with a new battery scored a 4,412.

As of this moment Apple is testing iOS 11.3, a release that it says will include a new feature that will allow users to prevent their individual devices from throttling themselves in order to preserve the battery.

Users who decide not to throttle will run the risk of their iPhone simply shutting down of its own accord though, so there is absolutely no win here as far as we are concerned. If you want a fully functioning iPhone that is suffering from throttling due to a poor battery, a replacement continues to be the only way forward in our eyes.

Would you agree, or would you be happy to play roulette with your iPhone’s battery?

(Source: Bennett Sorbo [YouTube])

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