iPhone OS 4 to Bring Landscape Homescreen?

Apple enthusiast site 9to5mac has managed to grab a screenshot from the latest version of iPhone OS 4, which shows a notification popping up in landscape view. While this is likely done in an error, there is still a remote possibility of Apple bringing such support to iPhone. After all, iPhone 3.2 for iPad supports landscape view, then why not on iPhone and iPod touch?

iPhone 4 Landscape Homescreen

It is also important to note here that such a behavior or functionality can be already achieved on a jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch using SpringBoard Rotator app from Cydia.

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the new iPhone OS 4 Beta in a preview event, held at their 1-Infinite loop campus in Cupertino. This announcement added lots of new features for both users and developers alike. Apple hasn’t revealed all the features of the OS 4.0 yet. The complete list of all the known features of iPhone OS 4 can be found here. [via 9to5mac]

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