iOS 16.3 Battery Life Drain And Health Tested On iPhone

Here’s iOS 16.3 battery life drain and health tested on iPhone. Is it fixed? Here’s everything you need to know.

Whenever Apple releases a big new software update there are a couple of questions — can it be jailbroken, and how is the battery life affected?

We’ve already answered whether iOS 16.3 can be jailbroken, and YouTuber iAppleBytes has set about answering whether the IOS 16.3 update will positively or negatively affect battery life across a range of iPhones.

Battery life is always a complicated beast and Apple’s software updates can sometimes affect it in strange ways. A new iAppleBytes YouTube video looks into how iOS 16.3 performance on a number of iPhones ranging from an iPhone 8 all the way through the iPhone 13.

We don’t want to spoil things too much because the video is worth watching, especially if you’re someone who is particularly concerned about the impact of this software update on your battery. But we can pretty confidently say that you’re unlikely to be left disappointed by what you’ll see in the video.

As for the testing methodology, iAppleBytes says that iOS 16.3 was installed on all of the test devices four days before the test was run. That’s to ensure that the iPhones had time to do whatever needed to be done including building of caches and whatnot. That should, in theory, ensure that these battery results are as accurate as possible.

And with that said, check out the video and if you haven’t already we suggest updating to iOS 16.3 across all of your devices sooner rather than later.

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