HTC CEO Drops Hints at HTC HD3 Windows Phone 7 Series Device

HTC HD2 was a big success in the masses, majorly due to it’s multimedia features and it’s huge screen which provided the user with a rich multimedia experience, but unfortunately, it won’t get the Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade due to the strict hardware requirements of three buttons on the phone: Back, Windows and Search. The grail doesn’t end here, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou hinted on a phone which might probably be an HD3, and would hit the shelves in the end of this year – that’s exactly an year after HD2 shipped.

HTC HD3 with Windows Phone 7 Series

HTC’s CEO Chou in an interview (via Forbes) said that HTC will come up with a device in the end of the year which would host Windows Phone 7 Series. He said that he’s really thrilled about the changes which Microsoft has come up with the OS and software, and he further added they’re trying their level best to make Windows Phone 7 competitive and appealing to the customers, and it’s expected that HTC would come up with a Windows Phone 7 Series device at the end of this year. Could this device be the rumored HD3 we have been hearing about? Let’s wait till the end of the year and find out ourselves.

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