iPhone Hacked in 20 Seconds at Pwn2Own Contest

You think your iPhone was a state prison in terms of security? iPhone’s SMS database including inbox, sent messages and even deleted messages including the photos were hacked under a mere 20 seconds. The hackers even claim that they can do the same thing with your contacts and other personal information.

iPhone Hacked at Pwn2Own

The genius behind these acts were Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann who actually won $15,000 just to perform this act for 2010’s Pwn2Own Hacking contest, the reason behind the whole thing is how they performed the hack would go to Apple so they can further do a study on it and prevent it from happening on their devices in the future.

Last year, many Apple computers took a bad hack surge, host machines running Safari took a serious beating from hackers. Just to sum it up, the Apple logo doesn’t give you the freedom to click any “malware” link and let you get away with it, caution is strictly required!

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