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A group of German researchers have been able to reveal stored passwords from a locked iPhone in under 1/10th of a minute, that without cracking the phone’s passcode.

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You think your iPhone was a state prison in terms of security? iPhone’s SMS database including inbox, sent messages and even deleted messages including the photos were hacked under a mere 20 seconds. The hackers even claim that they can do the same thing with your contacts and other personal information.

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From last one month or so, jailbroken iPhone community has remained under constant threats from various types of worm attacks. First time that we warned you about was when a Dutch hacker tried to access jailbroken iPhones through SSH in his native country Netherlands. He offered remedy for 5 Euros. Another attempt was by Ikee, an Australian, who was successful in injecting a worm into jailbroken iPhone’s whose users had forgot to change their root password for SSH. This worm ikee, however, did not cause any harm to the victim’s iPhone, but it laid a foundation for another worm that could harm iPhone users indefinitely.

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