How To Gold Plate Your Apple Watch With Link Bracelet And Be Like Beyoncé

You just can never have enough gold, or at least that’s the opinion of some people. We’d have to include Reddit user Ljohnson72 in that list after he had his steel Apple Watch gold plated.

The hard work, done by the modestly named VeryGoodPlating, took the stock Apple Watch and coated it in 18-karat gold to give it a nice and relatively subtle gold tinge. Not content with having a gold plated Apple Watch though, Ljohnson72 also had his metal Link Bracelet done as well to complete the look which very select few individuals are enjoying out there. And we have to say, it looks very nice indeed.


For anyone looking to follow suit, VeryGoodPlating charges $499 to gold plate an Apple Watch, while a further $249 will see your Link Bracelet receive the same treatment. It’s not cheap, but if you really must have a gold Apple Watch then it’s a potential way to go.

Of course, Apple would very much rather ask you to drop $10,000 on an Apple Watch Edition which features a chassis actually crafted from 18-karat gold, which obviously explains tha price difference when compared with the gold plating done here. We wouldn’t want to compare the two for fit and finish without having had our hands on them both, but we suspect Apple’s version will be the nicer device overall.

Whether that matters given the huge price difference though is very much up to you. While you may likely never be in a position to spend money on Apple Watch Edition, but gold plating? Now that’s a much more realistic option for many.

Currently, Apple doesn’t sell an Apple Watch Edition that comes with a gold Link Bracelet, but lately we’ve seen many celebrities rock it in public – namely Beyonce, Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West – and we’re certain that these custom made pieces will probably never see the light of day in the consumer retail channel.


The Apple Watch itself went on sale a month ago – April 24th – and is only just starting to ship in greater numbers. Some models have only just started to ship at all, with the higher-end Apple Watch Edition amongst those. If you ordered one, expect to start seeing shipping notices sooner rather than later.








Apart from the (above) 18-karat gold plating option, VeryGoodPlating will also – for the first time – give your Apple Watch a 24-karat gold plating treatment as well. And the option is currently available on backordering. But we have to say; it looks absolutely stunning!

Head over to if you want to get your Apple Watch gold plated and be like Beyonce. After all, who doesn’t?

(Source: Reddit)

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