Halo Creator Bungie Working On iPhone Game Called Crimson?

In what could turn out to be the biggest thing to happen to mobile phone gaming since the addition of the touch screen, Touch Arcade speculates Bungie is working on a new iOS game.

Bungie, the company behind the blockbuster shooter Halo is looking for new IPs after splitting from Microsoft and the company’s Xbox platform.

According to Touch Arcade, Bungie’s sister company Bungie Aerospace has filed for a trademark for ‘Crimson’ with relation to a ‘computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones’.

Could Bungie be looking into bringing a new game to Apple’s mobile platform, with Crimson being its name? Touch Arcade thinks so.

My gut says Bungie Aerospace and “Crimson” are connected to the studio’s next project, an original IP set to be published by Activision. Word on the street is that this game is a shooter MMO — an MMO that might just offer increased connectivity via mobile apps.

This would be a real shot in the arm for Apple, with Bungie’s reputation no doubt bringing much excitement amongst mobile gaming fans. Bungie’s Halo is widely regarded as a ‘system seller’ – could Crimson have the same affect for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches?

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