PwrDrain Windows 7 Gadget Shows Laptop Battery Power Drainage In Real Time

If you’re using a laptop, chances are you’re acutely aware that your battery doesn’t last forever, and the plethora of power reporting tools, gadgets and widgets are more than capable of telling you just how long you have remaining from your current charge. What PwrDrain does though, is go one step further by telling you just how much battery is being used at any given moment.

By reporting the current power drainage the gadget gives users the opportunity to analyze which apps are using the most battery. Fire up a CPU intensive application, and the gadget reports just how much power it uses. It’s an interesting take on the humble battery indicator and the kind of thing any geek will love to watch.

PwrDrain acts like any other gadget, so can be moved around and placed anywhere on your Windows desktop and is written in good ol’ HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

PwrDrain is free, and available to download here.

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