Guy Turns Galaxy Note 7 Into A Hilarious Halloween Costume [Video]

Korean electronics giant, Samsung, may not exactly see the funny side of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle just yet, but that doesn’t mean that the public has to sink into a depression because of the issues.

Sure, it’s not a great situation, and the worldwide recall affected many millions of consumers around the globe, but any situation can be viewed with a positive and humorous attitude, which is exactly what Chris Kiley has done with his clever Galaxy Note 7 Halloween costume.


If you’re going to go all out on making your own Halloween costume this year, and you are going to base it on the events surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 recall, then it would be ideal to have a number of actual Note 7 device strapped to you and experience that unknown feeling of having your shirt combusting into flames. However, that’s extremely expensive, and entirely unpractical.

Kiley has taken the next best option of putting together an outfit consisting of multiple Galaxy Note 7 boxes rigged together with hidden tubing that billow smoke. Kiley has managed to concoct the outfit by taking a fairly standard innocuous shirt and slagging a number of empty Galaxy Note 7 boxes to it. There is then a length of tubing baked into the shirt internally that is connected together by a number of t-connectors, with the point being that when he blows into the tubing, “smoke” is created and pushed out of the boxes to simulate a Note 7 device catching fire or combusting inside of the packaging. It’s a lot safer than using an actual device, and certainly less expensive.

We can’t exactly imagine an outfit like this catching on, especially considering the amount of work that goes into making it and the components needed, but it’s definitely one of the more unique creations that you may see adorning a person this Halloween. Samsung will still be wrestling internally with the fallout of the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, and can probably do without salt being rubbed into the wounds by creative Facebook accounts looking to mock the experience. But, it’s just a bit of fun and games, right?

Check out the video of the Note 7 Halloween costume for yourself and see what you think.

Kiley has also shown interested users just how he managed to put this contraption together, should you be interested in making one for yourself this Halloween. You can check out the entire process at

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