This Skin Makes Your iPhone Look Like An Exploded Galaxy Note 7

It’s probably fair to suggest that nobody wants to knowingly own a smartphone that in all likelihood will explode and burst into flames at any given time, which us why Samsung has taken the extremely difficult commercial decision to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7, and potentially the Note range altogether.

You may not want a device that explodes in your pocket, but what about taking a perfectly safe iPhone and making it look like a fire-damaged Note 7? Well, bizarrely enough, there’s a “kick-Samsung-when-it’s-down” decal for that.


This will definitely go down in the history books as one of the most bizarre, but still beautiful in its own unique way, iPhone accessories to hit the market. Called the “Explo-Sung iPhone Skin”, it’s basically an accessory that takes a beautifully “Designed by Apple in California” device and makes it look like an exploded Galaxy Note 7 shell, complete with the rear visuals of the Note hardware as well as the Samsung logo for “authenticity” purposes.

We’re not exactly sure how Samsung, or Apple for that matter, will feel about this, but it’s definitely going to bring comical value to iOS and iPhone fans.

It may not become one of the most popular skins to have hit the market, and sure it doesn’t actually offer any amount of protection to the iPhone it wraps around, but given its price, and the fact that it literally does rub salt in Samsung’s wounds, it’s likely that it will appeal to those light hearted iPhone owners who want to mock the troubles faced by Samsung and potentially friends or family who have had to go through the trouble of replacing a Note 7 as part of Samsung’s worldwide recall.

The current plight faced by Samsung is definitely not a laughing matter, and of course, we hope that the company recovers from the reputation damage that has been suffered at the hands of the Note 7.


But with that in mind, for $24.99, it would definitely be worthwhile adorning your iPhone with this comical skin + case combo. Compatibility is offered for the iPhone 7/7 Plus all the way back to Apple’s iPhone 5 range including the iPhone SE. To order your skin, or the skin + case combo right now, head over to

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