Google Pixel XL Vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Comparison

Here’s a side-by-side camera comparison test between Google Pixel XL Vs iPhone 7 Plus 2016 flagship smartphones.

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, or are likely to be in the imminent future, then you could find yourself torn between embracing Android with Google’s new Pixel/Pixel XL device, or diving into Apple’s iOS ecosystem with the recently released iPhone 7/7 Plus.


Both devices are of a similar size, and both look to offer the same type of hardware integrations, such as biometrics and advanced camera experiences, but if we take photography as a starter for ten, and if you are an actual photography enthusiast, then which camera is the more performant, or more appropriately, which one suits your needs?

Taking the camera perspective, one YouTuber TV has taken upon himself to put Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and Google’s new Pixel XL hardware up against one another in a one-on-one camera comparison test.

As for results, both are neck to neck, with one smartphone camera doing better in some conditions while other outsmarting it in another department. For example, Google’s Pixel XL seems to be faster at auto-focusing subjects, have better sound quality in videos, and also when taking selfies from front-facing camera. Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus on the other hand seems to perform better at stabilization (likely due to Optical Image Stabilization in iPhone vs Electronic Image Stabilization in Pixel), depth-effect, and when zooming photos due to its optical zoom functionality thanks to the second telephoto lens.

Overall, both cameras perform extremely well with results likely going to be different for different people depending on how they prefer their photos to look like.

In any case, check out the video for yourself, and hopefully if you are a smartphone photography fan currently sitting on the fence, this could help sway you in the right direction.

(Source: SuperSaf TV [YouTube])

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