The “Official” GeoHotz Movie Trailer [Video]

George Francis Hotz is known for being among the group of people who first unlocked the iPhone to work on carriers other than those which Apple officially supported e.g. AT&T. He went to release jailbreaking tools like purplera1n, blackra1n, blacksn0w, a hack the PS3 and recently Limera1n which jailbreaks iOS 4.1.

Since he returned to the jailbreaking scene, other jailbreaking tools have been delayed and hopes have been raised for an iOS 4.1 unlock.

And most of all, the official trailer for Geohotz – The Movie has just been released.

GeoHotz - The Movie(image via Scott Beale / Laughing Squid) 

It’s not a real movie, of course. The video is merely a spoof trailer. As the video uploader brokentwice2007 explains, “[the video] is not to make fun of him but more to put some laughter into this whole scene”

See the trailer below:

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