Geohot And Lawyers Claim Sony Is Misleading The Courts

When George ‘Geohot’ Hotz first starting jailbreaking the Sony PlayStation 3, we’re sure the hacker didn’t expect the circus that now surrounds both him and the civil lawsuit brought by Sony.


The latest installment of this never-ending drama brings news from Ars Technica that Geohot and his lawyers believe Japanese giant Sony is misleading the courts in their quest to ensure proceedings continue in their home-town of San Francisco and not where Hotz resides.

Sony insists that Hotz agreed to the terms of using the Sony SDK, which is in turn linked to Sony’s US offices in California. The link? Sony’s US offices are named as the place to look to for SDK support. A bit of a stretch, no?

After receiving permission from a Judge, Sony will also be looking through Geohot’s computer hard drives along with his PayPal dealings in the hope they can link the hacker to California.

Sony is also dragging its heels when it comes to providing a copy of the PS3 SDK to lawyers, insisting that they must visit Sony to see it – and only then under an NDA:

Trying to lock this down may be trickier than it seems. Hotz’s lawyers would like a copy of the SDK to look through to determine the exact wording included, while Sony is trying to limit access to the SDK by arguing that the lawyers can only see it under NDA, at Sony’s offices. Moreover, Sony is arguing that they should be able to look through the entirety of Hotz’ hard drives and search his e-mail looking for evidence of communication with parties in California.

Many are now starting to lose patience with Sony’s persistence in trying to link the case with California, with no sign yet as to an end to the madness.

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