Sony Granted Access To 2 Years Worth Of Geohot’s PayPal Records

The Sony vs. Geohot trial rumbles on, after being granted access to Geohot’s hard drives, and the IP addresses of users who have been to his sites, the PlayStation 3 manufacturer has now sought (and received permission) to drag everyone else into the argument by requesting hacker George ‘Geohot’ Hotz’s PayPal records stretching back fully 2 years.

What this means is anyone who donated money to Geohot since 2009 could have their details handed over to Sony after Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero accepted Sony’s request for PayPal records.

The aim of looking into Paypal transactions is Sony’s hope that payments from San Francisco residents will be present, helping the company push for a trial in the city – nice and close to Sony’s US headquarters as Wired points out:

Regarding the PayPal account, Sony claims Hotz has accepted monetary donations for the hack from people residing in Northern California — an argument that, if true, might make San Francisco a proper venue for the litigation.

Hotz is currently being sued for distributing his PlayStation 3 jailbreak which Sony is obviously upset about. New firmware after new firmware has been released by Sony with the aim of blocking jailbreaking, but with little success.

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