Galaxy S8+ Vs iPhone 7 Plus Vs Pixel XL Vs S7 Edge Battery Life Comparison

Here’s Samsung Galaxy S8+ Vs iPhone 7 Plus Vs Pixel XL Vs Galaxy S7 Edge real-world battery life side-by-side comparison.

Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S8+ is getting a lot of attention right now, and rightfully so in our opinion. The smartphone looks to have all the ingredients required to make for a very impressive device indeed, but there is one potential dark cloud looming over the Galaxy S8+ and that is its battery.

With a larger screen than the Galaxy S7 Edge but also a smaller battery, can buyers of the new hotness expect their smartphone to last through a day on a single charge?

The answer to that is, as always, complicated because it will depend on how you are using the phone. Thankfully the folks at Phone Arena have conducted some tests to get a feel for how the Galaxy S8+ compares with other devices such as the iPhone 7 Plus, the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Google Pixel XL. The results are that yes, the Galaxy S8+ can more than hold its own in such company, although the battery life isn’t as good as the one found on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

The Galaxy S8+ battery life test result stands at exactly 8 hours. Compare this with the 7 hours and 18 minutes that the already very good Galaxy S7 Edge scored, and you see that Samsung has managed to improve on their last year’s phone. The S8+ also bests the Google Pixel XL, the OnePlus 3T, but falls a bit short of the battery life on the iPhone 7 Plus.

As you can see from the results above, testing the Galaxy S8 lasted dead on eight hours before its battery was ready to be recharged. By comparison, the Galaxy S7 Edge lasts a still respectable seven hours and 18 minutes, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus last 9 hours 8 minutes, and Google’s Pixel XL lasted 7 hours 19 mins, with a whole host of other smartphones coming in there or thereabouts.

What we do know is this though; the Galaxy S8+ does not appear to suffer from having a smaller battery than its older brother. At least, not when comparing it to other Android phones.

(source: Phone Arena)

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