Nexus One ERE36B Android 2.1 Update Leaked

A new Android 2.1 ROM for Google Nexus One has leaked in the wild. This new ERE36B non-OTA is said to include a new radio, in a bid to fix the ongoing 3G issue which has been hampering T-Mobile Nexus One users since its January 5th launch.

Nexus One ERE36B

This ROM also packs some updates from the last official release (ERE27) for the stock apps like Messaging App, Maps, Facebook, Market, Youtube and so on. The kernel version for this ROM is 2.6.29-01117-g4bc62c2 while version number for the new Radio is

I haven’t tried this ROM on my Nexus One yet, but I have heard others having improved performance and better 3G reception through this ERE36B update. Installation procedure is simple and straight forward. Simply head over to XDA-Developers forum to download this update and install it by following the steps posted here. The steps are for ERE27 update but they should be applicable with this new ERE36B update as well.

Let us know how did the update went for you in the comments section below.

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