How To Disable Automatic Software Updates In iOS 12

A lot of new features within popular platforms can be extremely polarizing. Some device owners love the new features whereas others loathe them or simply would prefer them to be disabled. The new Automatic Update feature in iOS 12 is definitely one of those features.

In short, the new Automatic Updates feature basically means that the device will download a new firmware update in the background when one is available and then install it during the night in order to create as little disruption as possible.

For a lot of people, this is fine and is definitely a great use of time. However, for others, and specifically those who may want to sit on iOS 12 final and see if a jailbreak is released, having the device automatically update itself could be extremely problematic. That’s what it’s important to be able to turn it off and handle everything manually.

For clarity, and to know exactly what you are opting out of, Apple defines the Automatic Update feature as the following:

Automatically install software updates overnight after they have been downloaded. You will receive a notification before updates are installed. Your iPhone must be charging and connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update.

If you are ready to turn that feature off and handle all of the updates yourself, then follow the relatively simple steps below:

Step 1: First and foremost, we are going to begin our journey in the native Settings app. Launch the app with a simple tap.

Step 2: Locate the General option, select it, and then select Software Update from the available options.

Step 3: You will see an option titled Automatic Updates which will likely be set to On. Tap on this.

Step 4: In the next screen, turn the toggle into the Off position. Doing so will mean that the iOS system will not automatically install updates during the night.

So there you have it. The firmware version that you are currently running will be the one that you stay on unless you manually opt to download and install a new firmware version that has been released by Apple. Whatever your decision, the important factor here is that you remain in control of the situation.

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