“Bing Dynamic” Theme for Windows 7 Refreshes Your Wallpaper Automatically via RSS-feed

Windows 7 has this great option of allowing its users to set themes to customize their desktops the they want. The problem is that these themes are mostly limited to a few wallpapers after which it all starts to get boring again. This is where the new “Bing Dynamic” theme comes in! It automatically updates your Windows 7 theme with new wallpapers directly from Bing! Awesome isn’t it?

Switch it up! Receive a new photo from Bing every week for three months, with this Windows 7 theme that updates automatically through an RSS feed.

Bing Dynamic

Bing Dynamic theme for Windows 7 is available on the official Windows 7 Personalization Gallery and can be downloaded by following the link here. [via meraTechPort]

This theme will work on Windows 7 only. For more wallpapers and themes, make sure you visit our Windows 7 Wallpapers and Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

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