Apple’s Next Monitor Could Cost Half The Price Of The $5,000 Pro Display XDR

Apple’s next monitor could cost as little as half that of the $4,999 Pro Display XDR if a new report is to be believed.

As great and popular as the Pro Display XDR is, its price is prohibitive for many people and the idea of a cheaper alternative is one that will appeal to those people. Now, a new report gives us hope.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, writing via his weekly Power On newsletter, Apple’s next display could cost just half the price of a Pro Display XDR — although he doesn’t say what that could mean in terms of display type and capabilities.

Speaking of Macs and iPads, I’m hoping Apple’s next external monitor — destined to be about half the price of the Pro Display XDR — launches in the coming year.

A $2,500 display is still a costly one, but if Apple can keep some of the quality of its Pro Display XDR the price might make more sense, although it will still be too costly for most users who just want a nice Apple monitor on their desks.

Pairing a display with a Mac isn’t an easy job especially if you want to ensure Retina display resolution. That’s another reason many are crying out for a new option from Apple.

Hopefully, the next display will be cheap enough to be a viable option while retaining some of the quality the Pro Display XDR undoubtedly possesses.

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