After Beijing Olympics, Silverlight moves to Singapore for Formula 1 promotion

Microsoft Silverlight has been on a roll! If you thought Beijing Olympics was the last sport for Microsoft’s challenger to the popular Adobe Flash, you  Microsoft Silverlightwere wrong. With just 36 days to go for the first ever Formula 1 race under lights in Singapore, Singtel has launched a Silverlight based “SingTel Grid Girls Heart Race” contest for the promotion of 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

Lets take a look at what does this Silverlight app offers:

It starts off with a video where different F1 grid girls are dancing and making different racy-type of gestures. After the intro video is over, we are presented with 20 grid girls who are eagerly waiting to get selected.


Before you select any girl, notice that whenever you hover your mouse to select a girl, that particular girl gets so happy & excited.. nice touch!

You will have to select one girl out of 20, she will then ask you 10 questions in a quiz like format. Your score in the contest will depend upon how many of your answers match with the answers of the grid girl you selected.

Winners will get a chance to win a pair of tickets to the World’s first ever Formula 1 night race and a Xbox 360 through a lucky draw all worth of $1,295. Plus those who score 65% and above in the quiz will get a special video from Grid Girls! Good Luck!