30+ Hidden macOS 10.13 High Sierra Features Apple Didn’t Tell You About

Here are 30+ hidden macOS 10.13 High Sierra features that Apple didn’t tell you about when announcing the new Mac operating system.

Apple did an extremely good job of introducing macOS 10.13 High Sierra during Monday’s opening WWDC keynote, but, like most years, the company’s executive team simply didn’t have time to cover all of the new features and refinements in the platform.

We are well and truly in the middle of that time period where developers interrogate Apple’s engineers in San Jose about everything new in Xcode and the iOS SDK. However, those type of things don’t really appeal to end consumers who will be interacting with Apple’s Mac hardware and underlying macOS High Sierra software. They care about features, improvements, and changes which will ultimately improve their experience.

Apple may not have deemed a lot of the new refinements in macOS High Sierra as noteworthy during the keynote presentation, but we think every single aspect of that platform is important.

What Apple deems to be a rockstar improvement may not have any impact whatsoever on most users. Those users may care about the smaller, understated improvements, and we care about those too. Which is why you can find a list below of all of the improvements to be found within macOS High Sierra which weren’t discussed on Monday.

  1. Compressed Mail storage
  2. Live Photo loops
  3. Mail search Top Hits
  4. Spotlight flight status
  5. Live Photo editing
  6. Photos Selective Color tool
  7. Photos selection counter
  8. Content caching
  9. Mail full-screen Split View
  10. Notes search suggestions
  11. Photos persistent sidebar
  12. New Siri voice
  13. Safari per-website settings
  14. Messages in iCloud
  15. Photos animated GIF support
  16. SF Arabic system font
  17. Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention
  18. iCloud family storage plans
  19. Notes with tables
  20. Quick family setup
  21. Photos external editor
  22. Safari always-on Reader
  23. iCloud file sharing
  24. Pinned Notes
  25. Siri Personal DJ
  26. Photos project extensions
  27. Bilingual English/Japanese inputs
  28. Spotlight multiple Wikipedia answers
  29. Safari autoplay blocking
  30. New Photos Memories types
  31. Photos Curves tool
  32. FaceTime Live Photo capture
  33. Photos filter any container
  34. Hindi system language
  35. Improved Japanese video captioning
  36. Improved Family sharing
  37. Photos Import history

So, as you can see, macOS High Sierra is as much about the features and improvements that weren’t discussed as it is the features that were deemed noteworthy for WWDC. There’s a lot to enjoy here for sure.

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