2019 Nintendo Switch Vs 2017 Model: How To Make Sure You Get The New Switch Variant With Improved Battery Life

It’s a tale as old as time; release a globally popular product, get millions of purchases worldwide, and then update that product with some minor changes and efficiencies. It’s a popular tactic with companies who sell gaming consoles, such as Sony, Microsoft, and now, Nintendo.

There is an updated Nintendo Switch console out in the wild now, which means that if you are about to purchase for the first time, you need to know how to ensure you’re getting the updated model.

In the case of the revamped Nintendo Switch hardware, the clue is all in the packaging. Nintendo isn’t making it plainly obvious that it’s the new version of the Switch console by putting a”version 2.0″ or “second-generation” tagline on the box anywhere. Instead, the company has shifted its main packaging color from white to red with this release.

So, for those who want to pick up a new Switch and are hell-bent on ensuring it’s the brand new version, make sure that the box is predominantly covered in red.

Alternatively, if you are the type of person who requires a somewhat more scientific approach to ensuring that you get the correct model, then you’ll need to be looking at the serial number of the product.

All of the new Nintendo Switch consoles with the CPU improvements will have a serial number which starts with “XKW.” If the serial number of your chosen package starts with those initials, then you are safe to proceed with the purchase and can be happy that you don’t have any outdated hardware.

For potential purchasers, the revamped Nintendo Switch hardware should not be confused with the recently announced Nintendo Switch Lite. The Lite variant of the console has been designed to be more cost-effective by only functioning as a hand-held machine with no TV output and with the Joy-Cons built directly into the product. The revamped Switch offers internal CPU improvements and efficiencies which means that users can expect to receive a dramatically improved battery experience lasting up to 9-hours.

Be vigilant in your pursuit of Switch hardware and remember to check when purchasing. Grabbing the console online comes with no guarantees that you will get the very latest updates hardware, unless, of course, the selling website specifically states otherwise.

Still confused, just get it from here which is guaranteed to be the new model with improved battery life!

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