CNBC has shared a new report in which it points out that Google tracks purchases via its Gmail service. Any email invoices or receipts that arrive in Gmail accounts are picked up by Google, giving it an overall impression of the things you’re buying, and when.

Here’s a 3-in-1 fast AirPower alternative wireless charger for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and even Android devices.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download HBO shows for offline viewing on your iPhone or iPad using the new TV app in iOS 12.3.

Twelve South is a company that has made some of the best looking and most useful accessories for Apple devices we’ve ever come across.

Want a jailbreak iOS 12.3 or iOS 12.2 update? A security researcher is set to make patched exploits public. Here’s what that means.

The SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD card is one of the most popular cards around. Normally, you could expect to spend anywhere up to $78 to get hold of one of these cards for yourself, but right now, it’s on offer for just $56.99, which is the lowest price we’ve seen it for. Ever.

The Pixel 4 will surely be announced later this year, and according to a new report, they might be getting ready to ditch physical buttons and adopt a hole-punch design for the front cameras.

Everything is heading toward being automated these days! If you are definitely someone who embraces that movement in all senses, and someone who would love their health and fitness and weight tracking to be automated to a degree, then this deal of the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale is definitely going to appeal to you.

Spotify’s first hardware is ‘Car Thing’, which is a voice-controlled music and podcast device for your vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

This stunning wooden bamboo multi-purpose charging station is available for a price which equates to less than half price via Amazon. With this accessory, you not only save money but have the ability to charge up to 5 mobile devices as well as an Apple Watch all in one place!

Samsung’s highly-rated and sought-after HW-R550 sound bar is currently being offered for just $227.99 via Amazon. The price has been reduced by 9% of its recommended selling price and gets you an extremely versatile and powerful sound bar with built-in Bluetooth streaming.

Microsoft has unveiled a new Minecraft Earth game that’s coming to iOS and Android later this year. It will launch in beta form initially and will use augmented reality to allow gamers to place Minecraft items and even characters into the real world.

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