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You don’t need to be living deep within the Apple ecosystem to know that AirPods are pretty hot. They’re almost everywhere and they’re definitely a great way to watch content, take phone calls, and just generally prevent everyone else from being subjected to your questionable taste in music.

A new profile from WSJ looks into Apple CEO Tim Cook’s leadership style and how it differs from how Steve Jobs lead the company. Here are the details on this.

Here’s how to add Wireless CarPlay to any car with any cheap Android tablet + adapter dongle combination.

A new collection of flaws in Qualcomm chips has just put most Android phones at a risk. Here is everything you need to know about this.

Bringing wonderful software into your life and saving your precious money as part of the process should go hand-in-hand. And when you purchase software in the form of a product or digital license key, you are doing yourself a disservice if it isn’t genuine and available with a lifetime guarantee!

Anker has announced a new gaming controller that will work just fine with both iPhone and Android phones. The new PowerCore Play 6K Mobile Game Controller might have a loooong name, but with a built-in 6,700mAh battery and fancy grips it could be a pretty good addition to your mobile gaming arsenal.

USB-C is finally starting to become more and more ubiquitous but the iPhone still holds on to that Lightning cable. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t uses for USB-C with iPhones, though. You can charge an iPhone super quick if you have the right kit – and you can get that right now for just $12.99.

The 2020 iMac’s SSD is soldered to its logic board and can’t be replaced. Here is everything you need to know, including how to expand storage down the road.

Nobody enjoys vacuuming their floors. That’s just a fact of life and anyone who says otherwise is plain old wrong. So being able to have something else take care of it is a great quality of life improvement, with the Roborock S4 able to take care of it with a 25% saving right now.

Apple Arcade has just picked up Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows game for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Here are the details on this.

We all need to charge our stuff every once in a while but it can be an expensive endeavor to get hold of the best chargers around. Anker makes plenty of them, and right now you can pick up the Anker PowerCore Slim battery pack for just $20 when you enter our special discount code.

Facebook has finally launched its Gaming app on iOS, but not without taking a swipe at Apple and its policies. Here are the details.

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