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After a relatively slow start, cases and shells for the iPhone 5 are arriving at a rate of knots, and if you’re in the market for a protective bubble for your new Apple smartphone, we’ll be taking a look at a variety of them here at Redmond Pie. Today, we’re going to be scrutinizing two particular offerings from a well-known Palo Alto company by the name of Speck.

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This holiday season and beyond, we’re going to be bringing you more hands-on reviews of the products you love, and whether you’re in the market for a new device, peripheral or accessory, we’ll be featuring many of the market essentials here at Redmond Pie. Now, the iPhone 5 is one of, if not the most sought-after gadget on the market at present, so what better place to start, we thought, than to get on the hunt for some of the most interesting, quirky and robust cases for the revered handset. Heading off the series of cases for the sixth-gen Apple smartphone is the BookBook from Twelve South.

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Windows 8 Pro [REVIEW]

By | October 26th, 2012

Windows 8, along with Surface RT, is the biggest, most riskiest product Microsoft has worked on since the original Xbox over ten years ago. On the face of it, the company has significantly changed the way users use Windows , with a user-interface that is targeted more towards touch input on tablets rather than your traditional mouse and touchpad, but I’m here to tell you, in a good amount of detail, that that would be insult to folks who have been working on Windows 8 for the past 3-4 years.

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Google means business with Android these days. That’s not to say it didn’t before, but since the company’s Google I/O conference recently it has become clear that the people at Google are beginning to understand what it takes to make a premium smartphone. It’s not apps, and it’s not handsets. It’s the feel of the operating system.

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Google Nexus 7 Review

By | July 28th, 2012

The tablet market is one which is arguably already sewn up. It’s already done. Dead. Finished. It’s already Apple’s. Or is it? With Apple undoubtedly heading the charts in and around the $500 price bracket, there is plenty of room for manufacturers to play below that mark. As the netbook market showed years ago, if you can make something cheap, people will buy it, regardless of whether it’s any good or not.

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If you happen to be an owner of an iPhone 4 or 4S, and use it a lot for listening to music or watching any type of video based media, chances are that at one point you have looked for some kind of compatible accessory to compliment this media playback. Personal headphones are obviously a popular choice for music listening in a public area, but what about those instances when you are in your own private space and want to enhance the audio and visual capabilities of your iOS device?

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